Ingenious Smart Ornament Tracks Holiday Packages in Real Time

It’s not unusual to spend the holidays apart from your loved ones—especially if they’re thousands of miles away. For those who still exchange gifts, shipping presents is a common practice. But, it’s one that can be stressful as the busy season ramps up. To bridge the distance and set your mind at ease, the United States Postal Service (USPS) has created a charming ornament that provides real-time tracking updates for your prized gift. Called The Most Wonderful Ornament, it changes color when the package status is updated.

You’ll know when your present is out for delivery because the ornament will have a soothing blue glow. When it changes to red, it’s safely arrived to its destination. And once it turns green, the recipient has opened their box.

Sounds like magic, right? Technological magic is more like it. The device uses cell technology to integrate with the tracking system, allowing it to glow in the appropriate color. A sensor then alerts the ornament when the special box is opened. To power the bauble, you plug it into a string of lights or a wall outlet.

If you’re looking to add this ornament to your tree, you’ll probably have to wait until next Christmas, as USPS only released a limited trial this year. They will, however, continue to refine The Most Wonderful Ornament for the 2017 holiday season, so be on the lookout next year.

The Most Wonderful Ornament by USPS
The Most Wonderful Ornament by USPS
The Most Wonderful Ornament by USPS

Here’s the ornament in action:

The Most Wonderful Ornament: Website
h/t: [Laughing Squid, Engadget]

All images via United States Postal Service.

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