Japanese Cat Has a Mark on Its Face That Looks Exactly Like Another Cat

Cats have all sorts of unusual markings on their fur, from “two faces” to mind-bending optical illusions. One of the latest felines to mesmerize us with their striking looks was recently spotted by Japanese Twitter user @TOKAITRICK_bot, who noticed an adorably weird cat face while out and about. The sweet creature is like two felines in one; it has a marking on its face that looks just like another cat!

The motif is front and center on the feline’s face. It runs right across the nose, and the marking bears an uncanny resemblance to a cat that’s crouched on top of its legs. To make the silhouette even more convincing, the shape includes pointed ears and a rounded hump. The undeniable cat-on-cat spot is not only unique, but very meta, too.

Check out the feline’s dashing appearance in action, via the short video below.

This adorably weird cat face features one of the most unusual—and meta—markings we’ve ever seen.

Weird Cat Face

It has a the silhouette of a cat across its snout, complete with pointy ears.

Weird Cat Face
Weird Cat Face

Here’s a short clip of the cat in action:


@TOKAITRICK_bot: Twitter
h/t: [SoraNews24]

All images via @TOKAITRICK_bot.

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