Kinetic Wall Art Converges Two Different Portraits Into a Single Painting

Self-taught artist Sergi Cadenas reveals two distinct portraits in a single painting. The incredible, transformative art changes as you walk from either side of it by gradually shifting faces as you do so. In one piece, Marilyn Monroe turns into Albert Einstein while another painting showcases a young woman aging many decades into an older version of herself. Each portrait stands alone as its own artwork, but in moving between the two ends, a transitional third painting emerges as well.

Cadenas’ artworks use rigid vertical strips to produce their transformations. He paints a different person on either side of the strips so that when you view the work from an angle, you see the subject as they were intended. Walking towards the center of the piece, however, converges the subjects and their characteristics are blended. This effect dissipates as you move to the other side of the work.

Duality is an overarching theme of Cadenas’ kinetic wall art, and it can be interpreted in many ways. Marylin Monroe and Albert Einstein represent beauty and brains, while the aging woman symbolizes the journey from young to old. The idea of partnership is another conceptual facet of his work. A man and a woman paired together can be read as partners in life, as does a man and his beloved pup. Whichever way you choose to decipher the duality of these pieces, Cadenas’ deliberate way of viewing his work is a reminder that we should slow down and enjoy the beauty that comes with it.

Artist Sergi Cadenas creates kinetic wall art that reveals two distinct portraits in a single painting.

Here’s how the portraits look on their own:

Kinetic Wall Art by Sergi CadenasKinetic Wall ArtKinetic Wall Art by Sergi Cadenas Wall ArtKinetic Wall Art of Marilyn Monroe and Albert EinsteinKinetic Wall ArtKinetic Wall Art of a Man and SkullSergi Cadenas: Galeria Jordi Barnadas

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Galeria Jordi Barnadas.

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