Lonelyman, AKA Low Cost Cosplay, Creates Funny Cosplay on a Budget

Billie Eilish Cosplay

You may possibly think that to costume in cosplay, you have acquired to have a whole lot of fancy materials to make your costume. But as Anucha Saengchart (aka Lonelyman) displays, you just need to have some fundamental products and resourceful considering. His hilarious Minimal Price Cosplay is a wildly common project in which he files how he transforms into characters in pop society and beyond—all on a spending budget and in tiny time.

Every single post on the Low Charge Cosplay Fb webpage and Instagram account is a costume in 4 acts. The initial panel shows Saengchart as he inspects the software (or instruments) that he’ll be applying to develop his look. Occasionally, it is a piece of fruit, other times physique paint, or it’s possible even ketchup and French fries. In the second panel, he requires a shot of his do the job in progress. The remaining two panels are a aspect-by-aspect comparison of his handiwork and the resource graphic.

Probably astonishingly, Saengchart captures the essence of who (or what) he’s seeking to depict by creatively arranging his products or applying compelled point of view. Are they great recreations? Of system not! But, that’s the enjoyment of Minimal Value Cosplay, and we would not want it any other way.

Scroll down to see some of our favorite iterations of Saengchart’s finances cosplay.

Anucha Saengchart (aka Lonelyman) results in funny costumes he phone calls “Low Value Cosplay.”

Sailor Moon Cosplay

They demonstrate you do not will need fancy components to recreate figures from pop culture—you just will need some innovative contemplating.

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All photographs via Small Price Cosplay.

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