Make a Splash In This Majestic Waterfall Ring by Secret Wood

Vancouver-based studio Secret Wood creates captivating rings that showcase Canada’s natural wonders. In addition to the country’s rugged landscapes and sparkling auroras, Secret Wood has found inspiration in its majestic waterfalls, materializing them as the magical Azure Falls Ring.

Each handcrafted wooden ring is topped with a resin bauble. Within this lustrous jewel you’ll discover a mesmerizing sight: waterfalls cascading over and through lush vegetation. Somehow, these scenes are full of energetic movement yet poetically frozen in time.

To create this enchanting mirage, Secret Wood encases a carved wooden ring in glowing blue resin. While the scene is entirely inspired by Canada, the wood is derived from the Sapele, a tropical species of tree native to Africa.

Much like the world’s natural wonders, no two Azure Falls Rings are alike. This is because each work of “wearable art” is crafted by hand—an approach that makes these enchanting rings even more special.

This captivating waterfall ring by Secret Wood captures the beauty of Canada’s cascades.

Waterfall Ring Wood and Resin Ring Secret Wood

Each resin and wood ring encapsulates “majestic waterfalls flowing through a secret paradise.”

Waterfall Ring Wood and Resin Ring Secret Wood

To immerse yourself in the magic, pick up your own Azure Falls ring from the My Modern Met Store.

Waterfall Ring Wood and Resin Ring Secret WoodSecret Wood: Website | Instagram | Facebook

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