Make a Statement With These Empowering Feminist Pins

Feminist Pins

If you want to send a message that’s short and to the point, look no further than enamel pins. These wearable works of art are perfect for people who wear their hearts on their sleeves—even when they’re rolled up and ready for business. Case in point? These feminist pins by The Unemployed Philosophers Guild.

Featuring two of history’s favorite feminist heroes—cultural icon Rosie the Riveter and current Associate Justice of the Supreme Court Ruth Bader Ginsburg—these accessories pack a powerful punch. Each set comes with two enamel pins: an illustrated portrait of the inspiring figure and her catchphrase. Rosie, who represents a wave of women who joined the workforce during World War II, for example, says “We can do it!” while Ginsburg gives her famous “dissenting” opinion.

What makes these feminist pins particularly fun is their ability to be remixed. “Each pair of enamel pins not only speaks to each other—they’re made to mix and match and mash-up in hundreds of combinations,” The Unemployed Philosophers Guild explains. So, get creative with your getup! After all, even without their quotes, everyone is bound to recognize Rosie’s bicep and Ruth’s bib necklace. Case closed!

You can currently pick up these pins in My Modern Met Store.

Make your point when you wear these feminist pins. Give your “dissenting” opinion as you honor Ruth Bader Ginsburg…

Ruth Bader Ginsburg PinsRuth Bader Ginsburg Pin


And prove “we can do it” as you channel Rosie the Riveter!

Rosie the Riveter PinRosie the Riveter Pins


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