Make an Edible Baby Yoda with This Ingenious Christmas Cookie Hack

Christmas Cookie Baking Hack with Baby Yoda

The holiday season is known for its delicious desserts. Decorated sugar cookies are a staple at any get-together—the more decorated, the better. While Christmas-themed confections are the popular choice for this time of year, geologist Katy Atakturk has a holiday baking hack for Star Wars fans who find themselves in the kitchen. It turns out that you can make Baby Yoda cookies by simply cutting out angel-shaped cookies and then removing their heads.

By eliminating the head from the angel design, all that is left is their wings and an A-shaped body that bears a striking resemblance to the silhouette of The Child. Now all you have to do is to decorate the cookie accordingly. The angel wings make it a breeze to get a Baby Yoda-shaped cookie, but make sure that you don’t skimp on the icing; it will help make your confection instantly recognizable.

Atakturk found that the eyes were the hardest part of the whole process. To make them shiny, large, and very cute, she mixed black food coloring gel with icing. Glints in the eyes were made by placing white icing on a toothpick and sticking them in the corner of the dark circles.

These might not be the droids you were looking for, but they certainly were the cookies you wanted!

Geologist Katy Atakturk shared a simple Christmas cookie baking hack.

Christmas Cookie Baking Hack with Baby Yoda

By removing the head from an angel-shaped cookie, you have the shape of Baby Yoda.

Christmas Cookie Baking Hack with Baby Yoda

Decorate “The Child” with green skin and large, adorable eyes. Then, enjoy!

Christmas Cookie Baking Hack with Baby YodaKaty Atakturk: Instagram
h/t: [Mashable]

All images via Katy Atakturk.

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