Makeup Artist Transforms Her Eyelids into Two Gorgeous Shimmering Sunsets

When it comes to makeup art, the lips get a lot of attention. For years, we’ve covered the amazing designs that creatives paint over their puckers (and even their chins). The eyes might not be as popular, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t capable of achieving that “wow” factor. Beauty artist Luna shows just how stunning eye makeup art can be with one of her latest applications called Sunset Reflect.

Using bold colors, incredible precision, and a whole lot of blending, Luna has painted a setting sun on her eyelids and its reflection in the water below. Each eye has a picturesque setting, and even her lashes are incorporated into the overall scene. The dark, feathery curls look like tall grass separating the land and sea.

The combination of art and technique that went into Luna’s eyelid art is awe-inspiring. So, it’s not surprising that it’s had an overwhelmingly positive response. Since sharing the eye makeup art on her popular Instagram account, it’s garnered over 74K in likes and many beauty addicts eager to try it for themselves.

Makeup artist Luna has created a stunning showing of eye makeup art. When her eyes are closed each lid looks like a setting sun reflecting into the lake below.

Eye Makeup Art

Luna: Instagram
h/t: [Cosmopolitan]

All images via Luna.

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