Man Replaces Bicycle Tires With Sawmill Blades So He Can Ride on Ice

Sawmill Bicycle Wheels For Riding on Ice

All through the wintertime months, numerous lakes all over the world freeze above due to subzero temperatures. For those people who are brave adequate, this offers an fascinating new floor to take a look at by foot or on ice skates. Even so, for a product-hacking engineer acknowledged as The Q, the icy terrain is an prospect to get dangerously imaginative. The progressive daredevil resolved to replace his bicycle wheels with circular sawmill blades so that he could experience on the ice. He calls his invention an “Icуcycle.”

The Q carefully taken off his bike’s original tires and spokes and replaced them with giant metal disks with sharp blades on the edges. When he initial went out on the icy lake, the sharp blades slash straight via the ice and built it difficult to trip on the surface. In a bid to take care of the issue, the clever engineer took his bike again to his workshop and additional more metallic sections to each and every of the blades. His second outing was a good results! A online video posted on YouTube exhibits the courageous cyclist driving on the lake’s surface with ease.

This isn’t the 1st time The Q replaced conventional bicycle wheels. In 2019, the eccentric engineer designed a pair of spinners featuring a number of operating sneakers affixed to the finish of huge spokes. The consequence was a very bumpy journey, but this hottest hack is easy as ice.

Check out out the Icуcycle down below and find far more of The Q’s wacky innovations on YouTube.

An engineer known as The Q changed his bicycle wheels with circular sawmill blades so that he could journey on the ice.

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