Massive Pen Drawing Inspired by the Olympic Games


Zeus Drawing by Oscar Oiwa


Some towns really feel like they are a section of you. No matter whether it is the architecture, individuals, or lifestyle, the connection you have can truly feel like an extension of your soul. Artist Oscar Oiwa has this style of unique attachment to various towns throughout the world. Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo, Paris, and New York deeply advise his work. It can be exemplified in his new exhibition titled Metropolis, which attributes fantastical variations of the towns drawn in marker and charcoal.

Oiwa captures these spots in a hyperrealistic type where by the sprawling drawings encapsulate a stream of disparate imagery. His triptych get the job done titled Zeus is at the center of the Metropolis demonstrate. It functions the cities of Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo, and Paris and works by using recognizable components (these types of as the Eiffel Tower) to mix recollections, realities, desires, and geography together with the Olympic game titles.

The Olympics bridge the hole between record because of their link to both of those historical Greece and the contemporary planet. In Zeus, the sites converge in their particulars as the legendary online games consider more than the cities—in this circumstance, personified as the Greek god Zeus—just like in serious life.

There are good and unfavorable results when the Olympics appear to a metropolis. “The effects of major sporting activities like the Olympics on big cities is significantly-reaching,” Oiwa points out. “They deliver about infrastructure progress, financial growth, worldwide exposure, and social-cultural impacts, leaving a lasting legacy. On the other hand, they also pose difficulties such as large costs, environmental affect, and social issues that have to have helpful administration and very careful navigation.” Oiwa captures these contrasts in his monumental get the job done.

At 22 toes long, there is a good deal to see in Zeus. If you have the possibility, capture this do the job as well as other items by Oiwa in his exhibition Metropolis which is on watch at NowHere in New York Town till July 16, 2023.

In artist Oscar Oiwa’s get the job done titled Zeus, he is developed a sprawling pen drawing inspired by up to date metropolitan areas and the historical Olympic Game titles.

Zeus Drawing by Oscar OiwaZeus Drawing by Oscar Oiwa


The triptych work capabilities a few metropolitan areas that Oiwa feels a exclusive link to and that have also hosted the Olympics.

Zeus Drawing by Oscar OiwaZeus Drawing by Oscar Oiwa

Rio de Janeiro

The large do the job is 22 feet prolonged.

Zeus Drawing by Oscar OiwaZeus Drawing by Oscar Oiwa

“Zeus” in its entirety

Oscar Oiwa: Web-site | Instagram 

My Modern-day Met granted authorization to aspect photos by Oscar Oiwa. 

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