Modern Cat Furniture Doubles as Geometric Wall Art and Accessories

Modern Cat Furniture

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While most pet furniture isn’t the most stylishly designed, Cats Mode creates modern cat furnishings that double as contemporary home accessories. The handcrafted pieces feature hexagonal wall shelves and icosahedron-shaped cat beds that not only look good but are designed with our furry friends’ needs in mind.

Cats might be seen as lazy creatures, but they still need plenty of exercise and entertainment. The Cats Mode wall shelves encourage felines to climb and explore. And when they need a place to rest, the shelving makes the perfect snooze spot, as it’s high and out of reach of any disturbances. You choose the material the decor is made from (birch plywood or acrylic) and how many hexagons you want. Each piece is modular, so you can mount them on your wall any way you like.

Cats Mode also sells stylish, geometric cat beds that not only provide a cozy nook for your pet, but they also fit seamlessly into most modern interiors. Check them out for yourself below, and if you like what you see, you can buy from the Cats Mode pet furniture collection on Etsy.

Cats Mode creates modern cat furniture that doubles as contemporary home accessories.

Contemporary Cat FurnitureContemporary Cat Furniture

These modular, hexagonal wall shelves not only look great, but they encourage feline friends to play.

Modern Cat FurnitureWall Cat FurnitureContemporary Cat FurnitureCat DecorCat Decor

These stylish, geometric cat beds fit seamlessly into most modern interiors.

Modern Cat FurnitureModern Cat Furniture by Oh My WooodModern Cat Furniture by Oh My WooodModern Cat Furniture by Oh My WooodCats Mode: Etsy
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