Modern Light Fixtures Turn Into Animals When Illuminated

Tel Aviv-based designer Chen Bikovski couples a contemporary aesthetic with a nostalgic nod to the past to create whimsical works of modern art. Inspired by fond memories of her childhood and interested in experimenting with ambiance, the award-winning designer invented Popup Lighting, a series of lamps that plays with perspective and pays homage to a cherished childhood pastime: the pop-up book.

Growing up, Bikovski was mesmerized by the three-dimensional storybooks. “Since I was a child, I was fascinated by pop-up books.” she explains on the Popup Lighting website. “The excitement before turning a page, a simple pull that uncovers a whole new world. I loved how the story came to life, how the books created a fantasy world that flew off the page. The magic, the excitement, the naiveté.” Hoping to evoke this sense of childlike wonder in her practice, she has imaginatively incorporated elements of the timeless books into her stunning series of lights.

Simple yet enchanting, Bikovski’s pop-up-inspired fixtures are available in two designs: a deer’s head—based on the classic taxidermy wall-piece—and a peacock. Though made of aluminum, the pieces look like fragile, folded paper and, when unlit, the abstracted, origami-like animals are nearly unrecognizable. Once illuminated, however, the creatures come to life, as projections of their defining features—a pair of antlers and a plume of feathers—“pop up” on the wall behind them, bringing back “the excitement, surprise and innocence of pop-up books to our everyday lives through art and design.”

Both beautiful designs are available for purchase on the Popup Lighting shop. While they are currently the only models available, that may change soon. According to the brand’s Instagram, it looks like some flora is about to join the fauna!

Popup Lighting: Website | Facebook | Instagram 
via [Contemporist]

All images via Popup Lighting.

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