Modern Storage Unit Features Stylized Shelving Mimicking a Crack in the Earth’s Surface

Renowned for his unique aesthetic and love of asymmetry, Belgian interior and furniture designer Filip Janssens has created Rupture, an unmistakably modern cabinet that features a stylized “crack” fracturing its façade. With ample cupboard space and shelves of various sizes, the striking storage unit is as practical as it is beautiful. 

Like many of Janssens’ statement pieces, Rupture incorporates a fissure motif in its design. A cluster of wooden drawers and shelves cut through its pristine white exterior, running the entire length of the piece and forming an irregularly-shaped, meandering rift. The rupture, which can be illuminated by LED-lighting, is accented with panes of opalescent and textured glass in lava-like, fiery tones of red, yellow, and orange, further illustrating the design’s earthy inspiration.

While Janssens typically creates bespoke, made-to-order pieces, Rupture is a fixed-measurement readymade. Though it diverges from his usual oeuvre, it retains his signature aesthetic and still demonstrates his experimental approach: “Designing is like painting an abstract geometric artwork but in 3D. Lines become dimensions and volumes. I’m testing all possibilities with modular volumes: using a volume inside another volume, asymmetry, working in different layers or depths, open and closed volumes, working only with the outline of the volume…”

Functional and flashy, Rupture will make its groundbreaking debut at the Biennale Interieur in Kortrijk, Belgium, on October 14.

Here are other versions of Janssens’ functional and intriguing shelving concept:

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All images via Filip Janssens.

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