Modular Tiny Home Can Easily Be Disassembled to Move Off the Grid With You

For those struck with a permanent sense of wanderlust, Estonian design collective Kodasema has created a tiny prefabricated home concept that can move with you. Called KODA, this minimalist-style structure can be disassembled and prepped to travel in about four hours. Better yet, it has off-road capabilities—KODA is made primarily of concrete and has a sturdy design that can be assembled on a variety of surfaces.

Utilizing an open floor plan, this 269-square-foot space is lined with a full-height window. As light pours into the lofted space, it bathes a kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom in a warm glow. Although this allows you to have a unobstructed view of the outdoors, you can still have privacy when you want it. These areas are placed near the back of the home, and there are also floor-to-ceiling blinds that can conceal the interior from the rest of the world.

While KODA is marketed as a home, the creators see it as an architectural blank slate. “In our minds KODA can become whatever you want: a city center home, a lakeside summer house, a cozy café, an office, workshop or studio or even a classroom,” explains Kodasema. “Its clever design provides the inspiration to make best use of every square inch of space and envisage how the built-in components, even the walls, can be adjusted to meet their purpose most effectively.”

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via [Inhabitat]

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