Mount Fuji Eraser Reveals Snowy Peak With the More Mistakes You Make

Mount Fuji Eraser by PLUS Stationery

As the highest volcano in Japan, Mount Fuji is considered a sacred symbol of the nation. With its majestic form and snow-capped peak, the instantly recognizable mountain is the subject of many paintings, photos, and a whole range of souvenir items. One of the latest products to celebrate the iconic peak is a special edition eraser by Japanese manufacturer PLUS Stationery.

The standard cuboid-shaped erasers might not look anything like Mount Fuji at first, but the peak shape slowly evolves with repeated use. They contain porous ceramic powder, making them easy and fun to use. As the outer blue or red layer wears away, the inner white part is revealed. Users can angle the eraser while they’re rubbing out to sculpt the head into a point that resembles the iconic snowy summit.

The Mount Fuji eraser is available in 6 distinct casing designs based on traditional Japanese patterns, including an ichimatsu check motif and the shippō pattern of overlapping circles. While the blue version of the eraser depicts a classic image of Mount Fuji, the red eraser celebrates the phenomenon that occurs during sunrise and sunset when the mountain appears bright red. PLUS Stationery designed the Mount Fuji eraser as a way to destigmatize making mistakes. Now with each error, users are closer to revealing their own uniquely shaped mountain!

You can buy a single eraser for around ¥200 on the PLUS Stationery website.

This eraser slowly reveals Mount Fuji with the more mistakes you make.

Mount Fuji Eraser by PLUS StationeryMount Fuji Eraser by PLUS StationeryMount Fuji Eraser by PLUS StationeryMount Fuji Eraser by PLUS StationeryPLUS Stationery: Website | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube
h/t: [Japan Today]

All images via PLUS Stationery.

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