Musicians Cover Classical Songs in Rubber Chicken Music

The squeaky rubber chicken has a reputation as being a joke toy, but as a musical instrument? Not so much. But as the classically-trained musician Eddy Chen demonstrates, the silly creature can recreate beautiful tunes. One of his latest performances is a cover of “Pachelbel’s Canon,” first composed by Johann Pachelbel in the 19th century. In a video, Chen shows how he’s able to masterfully mimic the original song by strategically squeezing the chicken. The result is as amusing as it is impressive.

Surprisingly, “Pachelbel’s Canon” isn’t the first instance of a rubber chicken being used as an instrument. It’s been done many times throughout Chen’s musical endeavor called TwoSet Violin. Together with fellow musician Brett Yang, their goal is to “make classical music relevant to the modern generation through fun, humor, and simplicity.” They’ve recorded several videos in which one of them will play a violin or piano and the other will accompany with one or more squeaky chickens.

Watch a selection of classical pieces performed by the TwoSet Violin guys, below.

Did you ever expect a rubber chicken to be a musical instrument? The music duo TwoSet Violin cover iconic classical songs using one (or more) of these silly, squeaky toys.

TwoSet Violin: Website | YouTube | Facebook | Instagram
h/t: [Open Culture]

All images via TwoSet Violin.

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