Nashville Street Barbers Group Gives Free Haircuts to the Homeless

Today, caring people across the country are finding creative ways to improve the lives of the homeless. These admirable efforts include mental health services, awareness-raising portraits, and free haircuts—a service offered by the Nashville Street Barbers.

The Nashville Street Barbers is a group of hairstylists who are “trying make their community a better place one cut at a time.” The inspiring troop was founded in 2017 by hairdresser Caroline Lindner, who created the collective in collaboration with Shower Up, a mobile cleaning facility geared toward the homeless.

Since then, the Nashville Street Barbers has grown, thanks to a $10,000 charitable grant from the Hardee’s All Stars program and, most importantly, to a growing group of loyal visitors. Lindner believes that the barbers have seen such success because of the connections they’ve made with their clients, who they treat just like paying customers. “I know most people are particular about their hair and our friends are no different,” she told A Plus. “We had to prove and gain trust which eventually led to people coming back every Monday.”

What started as a one-person endeavor has become a city-wide campaign that now provides up to 80 free haircuts a week. Lindner even has plans to expand the program, bringing the Nashville Street Barbers to locations beyond the capital. Until then, the team hopes to make a difference through their inspiring story. “Our ultimate goal,” they say on Instagram, “is to motivate others around the world as we have been motivated by those before us to start their own barbering ministry and help their communities.”

If you’d like to help the Nashville Street Barbers purchase stools, tools, tables, and more, consider donating through the group’s GoFundMe page.

In 2017, hairdresser Caroline Lindner founded the Nashville Street Barbers, a group that provides free haircuts for the homeless.

Just one year later, the group now gives up to 80 haircuts a week.

 Talk about being a cut above the rest!

Nashville Street Barbers: Facebook | Instagram | GoFundMe
h/t: [A Plus]

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