Natural Optical Illusion Looks Like an Impossible Lake Sits Hundreds of Feet Above the Ocean

Halfway between Iceland and Norway lies the rugged Faroe Islands. This windy and wet archipelago is home to the curious Lake Sørvágsvatn, a body of water that appears as if it’s situated hundreds of feet above the ocean. At first glance, it hardly seems real—Sørvágsvatn could easily find its place in an M.C. Escher drawing.

This, however, is a mind-bending optical illusion made possible with a well-positioned photograph. Taken at the right angle, the cliff seems enormous with the lake on the same level. In reality, Sørvágsvatn is only 30 meters (98 feet) above sea level, whereas the rock is 100 meters high (328 feet). Once you’re looking at it from another direction, the two seem less surreal.

Along the banks of Sørvágsvatn there are a couple of small towns with amazing opportunities for fishing. If you’re interested in seeing this sight for itself, the Faroe Islands are no more than a two hour plane ride from Denmark, Scotland, Iceland and Norway.

Above photo credit: InterTim

Photo credit: Didymus21

Photo credit: @thefella

Photo credit: Eileen Sandá

Photo credit: @thefella

Photo credit: Jeroen Weymiens

Photo credit: @thefella

Photo source: FFFFOUND

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