New Asteroid May Hit Earth on Valentine’s Day 2046


2023 DW Asteroid Rending NASA

Picture: Screenshot from NASA/Eyes on Asteroids

Sixty-six million yrs ago, an huge asteroid crashed into Earth. The collision not only decimated the dinosaurs but also established a large crater less than the Yucatán Peninsula. So it really is no surprise that NASA retains a shut eye on probable threats from asteroids. And the authorities agency has just introduced news that a recently learned asteroid could collide with Earth on Valentine’s Day 2046.

Believed to be the dimension of an Olympic swimming pool, 2023 DW has a “small chance” of earning contact with our earth in accordance to NASA’s Planetary House Agency. Although 2023 DW is currently above 11 million miles from Earth, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s Sentry system presents it a 1 in 560 chance of hitting Earth.

Davide Farnocchia, a navigation engineer at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, explained to CNN that the asteroid is not particularly about, but the room company is even now collecting info about its orbit. The NASA Asteroid View Twitter account wrote that soon after discovering a new asteroid, “it usually takes numerous months of info to decrease the uncertainties and sufficiently predict their orbits many years into the potential.”

If further more analysis reveals that 2023 DW is far more of a danger than initially thought, NASA will be all set. In September 2022, the Double Asteroid Redirection Take a look at (Dart) went on its very first mission and productively knocked a stadium-sized asteroid out of Earth’s way.

This can make NASA optimistic that it can efficiently protect our earth in situation 2023 DW—or a different asteroid—becomes a authentic threat to Earth’s safety.

NASA has just uncovered a big asteroid that could perhaps collide with Earth on Valentine’s Day 2046.

The good thing is, if it turns into a risk, NASA has made a prosperous way to protect our earth.

h/t: [CNN]

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