New York City is Running Out of Pets to Adopt and Foster

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In most cities, the coronavirus outbreak has caused shortages in essentials such as toilet paper and hand sanitizer, but in New York, they’re running out of pets to adopt. During this strange and uncertain time, many New Yorkers seem to be looking for a fluffy friend to calm their nerves and keep them company while they self-isolate.

Muddy Paws Rescue and Best Friends Animal Society are reporting that the shelters they work with have seen a wave of adoption and foster applications in the past 2 weeks, for both dogs and cats. “For the moment we definitely don’t have any dogs left to match” reveals Anna Lai, the marketing director at Muddy Paws. “Which is a great problem to have.”

But the trend doesn’t stop in NYC—the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has seen a 70% increase in animals going into foster care in Los Angeles. And in Washington D.C., Tom Drescher and his wife Becky Nolin are delighted to welcome Goldie, a 10-year-old mixed breed, to their family. “It occurred to us it would be a good time to adopt a dog because we’d have the time and bandwidth to help it settle in,” says Drescher. “It’s been a blast for us so far—we’ve been thrilled to have her.”

Despite the good news for newly adopted pets, many rescue organizations fear that shelters will soon be asked to take more pets in, as the economy crashes and people lose their jobs. Hopefully though, once life returns to normal, these pets will continue to be loved and cared for. Remember: a puppy isn’t just for pandemics.

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