Nissan Launches the World’s First Electric Mobile Office

The ability to work from anywhere has allowed wanderlust-hungry individuals the chance to live as digital nomads. If you’re one of them, its seems like the entire world is your office, with the flexibility to spend a few days or weeks in one locale before moving onto another adventure. Nissan has created their own version of a movable office with the e-NV200 WORKSPACe, the world’s first electric-powered van that has everything you’d need to conduct business on the road.

In collaboration with UK-based design workshop Studio Hardie, the zero-emission e-NV200 features the comforts that you’d see in a conventional office. It has an integrated fold-out desk, touch-screen computer, wireless internet, Bluetooth audio, smartphone-controlled lights, and a mini-fridge.

To conserve space, many elements of the interior design are concealed and only revealed when you need to use them. The barista-quality coffee maker, for instance, rises from a hidden compartment and onto the counter; a folding Brompton bike is mounted to a rear door that allows you to take a break from work and nimbly maneuver around whatever city you’re in.

A panoramic glass roof and LED lighting make the E-NV200 feel bright and airy. In good weather, the doors—two side sliding as well as split-rear doors—can be opened to extend the office space. There’s also a floating deck that can be used to enjoy your surroundings.

Because Nissan’s vehicle is electric, it’s an inexpensive office space—in some cities, EV charging bays are free to use. It takes just 30 minutes of charging to reach 80% power, so you’d be back on the road in no time.

Nissan: Website
Studio Hardie: Website
via [designboom]

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