One-of-a-Kind Vacation Home Sits on a Lava Bed of the World’s Most Active Volcano

Over the years we’ve brought you all types of unusual vacation stays, from an evening in an 18th-century French chateau to a minimalist vacation home carved inside a rock. But if you are looking for something exotic and adventurous, the Phoenix House may be for you. Located on a lava field on Hawaii’s Big Island, thrill seekers will have a bird’s eye view of the Kīlauea volcano, which has been continuously erupting since 1983.

The off-grid tiny home was designed by Will Beilharz, founder of the green design firm Artistree. Known for their gorgeous tree houses, such as the solar powered villas at Mexico’s Playa Viva, Beilharz remains firmly planted on the ground for this 450-square-foot vacation retreat.

The home, which sleeps two, is clad in wood charred using the ancient Japanese practice of Shou Sugi Ban, and has modern comforts like Wi-Fi. Aptly named due to its position on the lava field, the Phoenix House is located just 4 miles from the active volcano and from the window it’s possible to see the smoke rise as the lava plunges into the sea. In synch with its surroundings and calm, farmhouse feel, Phoenix House is intended to be a place for quiet contemplation.

“Phoenix House, named after the mythical bird whose story is about rising from the ashes and the cycle of death and rebirth, is a place where people can stir their own next transitions or come to peace with the ones they are currently experiencing,” Beilharz shares.

The unique vacation rental runs from $100 to $150 and is available for rent through Airbnb. If you are more than two, the owners have another home, the Magical Lava Temple, just next door.

Phoenix House is a unique vacation rental situated on the lava fields of Hawaii’s Kīlauea volcano.

hawaii vacation rental
kilauea volcano vacation rental
kilauea volcano vacation rental

unique vacation rental hawaii

Photo: Teisbe

A four-mile bike ride brings you to an area where you can see the active volcano’s lava flow crash into the sea.

The off-grid vacation home sleeps two, but the owners have another property available next door if you are a larger party.

unique vacation rental hawaii

Photo: Airbnb

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