Painterly Embroidered Portraits Weave in Fabrics to Form Sculptural Hoop Art

Illustrator and costume designer Ezgi Pamir uses embroidery thread like paint pigment in her stunning hoop art. Her portraits of women, in particular, are some of her most engaging pieces, which employ tiny tics of floss—placed side by side, similar to pointillism—to produce a realistic, three-dimensional effect. Set against a neutral fabric, the stitched figures seem to pop out of their circular frame and into real life.

As someone who works with clothing, it’s only natural that Pamir would integrate it into her embroidery, too. Each of her portraits have a garment affixed to them that adds a sculptural element to the flattened stitches. In one composition, a long scarf is tied around a lady’s neck as it trails off the hoop, while another piece has a redhead wearing a collar secured with a button. It’s this bit of costume that adds a welcome dramatic flair to the conventional portraits.

In addition to portraits, Pamir also stitches animals:

Ezgi Pamir: Behance | Instagram
via [Creative Boom]

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