Parisian Café Uses Giant Teddy Bears to Ensure Social Distancing

Parisian café using giant teddy bears to ensure social distancing. from r/pics

From a German café using pool noodle hats to a Dutch restaurant housing its patrons inside personal greenhouses, establishments all over the world are thinking of innovative ways to adapt to social distancing regulations. The most recent idea with some creative thinking comes from Paris, where a café is using giant teddy bears to keep its customers apart.

A photo of a Parisian café’s outdoor seating was shared online recently, showcasing the genius idea. Each plush character is big enough to take up a whole seat, ensuring that the other, human diners can stay 1 meter apart (3.2 feet), which is currently the recommended distance in France.

Of course, the novel idea sparked a few funny comments on Reddit, including one user who wrote, “You want anything to eat? No thanks, I’m stuffed.” Another person wrote, “Makes the whole thing a little more bearable…” We can agree with that!

This Parisian café is using giant teddy bears as a way to adapt to social distancing regulations.

Here’s how other establishments around the world are keeping their customers a safe distance apart.

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