People Are Getting “Flower Moon” Tattoos to Celebrate the Return of Spring


As the popularity of tattoos continues to grow, artists have expanded the subjects found in body art. Traditional sailor tattoos featured the likes of anchors, ropes, and nautical stars, but nowadays there’s much more variety in the things people have inked on their bodies. One of the latest trends is known as a Flower Moon tattoo, and it commonly features a half crescent moon made of flowers and other natural elements.

Flower Moon, as a concept, has existed long before it was used in tattoos, though. The term comes from the Native American practice of giving names to every full moon of the year. The moon occurring in May is called the Flower Moon because it rises as flowers are beginning to blossom. Together, they are a welcome symbol of renewal—something we could all use after a long winter.

Tattoo artists are putting their own spin on the Flower Moon. While the half crescent shape is most popular, the types of blooms vary, from tulips to magnolias to roses. Other designs will also include pets, lettering, or even jewels that dangle from the celestial body; these aspects depart from the original idea of a Flower Moon, but they celebrate the individuality that comes with the intimate experience of getting inked.

Flower Moon tattoos are one of the latest gorgeous trends in body art.

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