Photographer Captures Visually Satisfying Symmetry of Budapest’s Ornate Theaters

artistic architectural photography


Shot entirely in Budapest, Zsolt Hlinka‘s Auditorium is a photographic series that captures the symmetrical splendor of indoor architecture. Once again relying on symmetrical compositions, the photographer focuses on empty theaters for this new work.

Seeing these spaces, built for large crowds, devoid of people allows the eye to appreciate the lines of each elegant interior. These ornate theaters are a hallmark of Hungarian culture, built to entertain and inspire awe. Hlinka’s images enhance their majesty, laying bare for the viewer their cavernous halls.

“A defining characteristic of my pictures is how they take the recipient to a reversed world: they no longer show the theater from the viewer’s perspective, but from the point of view of the performer, looking out from the stage,” the artist shares. “However, instead of an audience, they reveal the grandiose symmetry of the spaces. In this changed role, time slows down, and it becomes a single timeless moment, where the auditoriums break down to waves, colors, and moods.”

Viewing the images side by side, Hlinka’s artistic architectural photography is also a history lesson into the changing face of Hungarian architecture. From the clean, modern lines of the Nemzeti, or National, Theater, to the glittering interior of the Neo-Renaissance State Opera House, the stylistic variety does not change the incredible symmetry of each theater.

artistic architectural photography


artistic architectural photography


artistic architectural photography


artistic architectural photography

Új színház

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All images via Zsolt Hlinka.

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