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Photographer Celebrates the Unique Bond Between Mother and Child

Mother and child in Northern Vietnam

Gâu and her son Khoi (Northern Vietnam)
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Romanian photographer Mihaela Noroc is known for traveling the globe as she photographs women for her Atlas of Beauty. And as she took time to capture the portraits of women around the world, she also explored another theme—motherhood. The result is a thoughtful collection of portraits that show the bond between mothers and their children. From Vietnam and Indonesia to Iceland and the Netherlands, Noroc’s series highlights the universal nature of motherhood.

As a mother herself, Noroc has first-hand experience with the incredible love that motherhood brings. She carries this sensitivity to her subject, pulling out the nuances of the individual relationships. Whether it’s the way they lean into each other or the warm glow that radiates from their faces, these mothers and their children show the depths of their bond.

Capturing these relationships, while challenging, was also the most gratifying part of the experience for Noroc. “Although there’s a unique chemistry between mothers and children, it’s not easy to capture it on camera,” she shared with My Modern Met. “Sometimes children tend to be bothered by the camera and making them feel comfortable, capturing that special chemistry is very rewarding.”

By sharing her imagery, Noroc hopes to bring a bit of light to a difficult time. “I hope that during these turbulent times, it will bring a ray of sunshine. I think that a mother’s love is the most intense feeling that exists in this world and we should let it inspire us and counterbalance all the negativity.”

Photographer Mihaela Noroc celebrates motherhood with a touching series of portraits.

Woman and her son in the Andes Mountains

Juliana and her son Alex (Andes Mountains, Peru)

Portrait of a mother and daughter

Miah, who is from Singapore, and her daughter Haley (Bangkok, Thailand)

Woman with her baby in Berlin

Masha, who’s Ukranian, and her son Gasper (Berlin, Germany)

Portrait of a woman with her two daughters in Bucharest

Carmen and her daughters, Ranya and Zara (Bucharest, Romania)

Each photograph highlights the universal bond between women and their children.

Bangladeshi woman and her daughter in Kolkata

Tabassum moved here from Bangladesh in hope of a better life for her daughter. (Kolkata, India)

Mother and daughter in Bali doing a traditional dance

Mother teaching her daughter a traditional dance (Bali, Indonesia)

Blond woman with her son in Iceland

Andrea, an adventure guide, and her son Benjamin (Near Reykjavik, Iceland)

Mother and Daughter in the Netherlands

Ans and her daughter, Marloes (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Photographer Mihaela Noroc and Her Daughter

Mihaela Noroc and her daughter, Natalia

Mihaela Noroc: Website | Facebook | Instagram

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