Photographer Fashions Fanciful Hats for His Cats… Out of Their Own Hair

If you’re a cat owner, you already know that these four-legged friends can shed like crazy. While many of us simply discard of the excess hair, Ryo Yamazaki uses it as a raw material for his feline fashions. The crafty cat lover creates felted hats for his three Scottish Folds to wear!

Yamazaki crafts the bizarre, statement-making pieces in a bevy of shapes and sizes. Some hats are flat beret-style while others are tall and pointed, resembling a dunce cap. In a few instances, the Japanese photographer has even made headpieces with their own set of ears—there’s seemingly a hat for every occasion.

After Yamazaki finishes forming the accessories, he adorns his furry friends—Nyaa, Mar, and Wheat—and snaps their photos. They react as you’d expect; not totally defiant, just a little confused about what’s now gracing their heads. Like many cats, they play along with his unconventional idea, surely making him love them all the more.

Ryo Yamazaki: Instagram
via [Bored Panda]

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