Photographer Mom Poginantly Documents the Incredible Bond Between Her Son and His Pets

We all know that a dog is man’s best friend, but what about a rabbit, a cat, and a guinea pig? In her sweet series, My Son and His Pets, photographer Ana Rosenberg documents her son’s undying companionship with these cuddly creatures.

The New Jersey-based photographer, artist, and mother-of-two captures intimate photos driven by intense yet tender emotion. With her children—11-year-old Analis and 8-year-old Alexander—as her primary subjects, Ana paints a raw and engaging picture of childhood. In My Son and His Pets, she zooms in on the touching relationship between Alexander and his furry friends.

Shot in a stark black-and-white palette, the series conveys a timeless and sentimental aesthetic. Ana shoots her son connecting with beloved pets, offering an glimpse into his world. Whether he’s cuddling with his puppy, blowing bubbles with his cat, goofing around with his rabbit, or lovingly cradling his guinea pig, each interaction visually expresses the innocence and tenderness of his youth.

Foregoing photographic perfection and striving instead for emotional energy, Ana successfully creates pieces that are both meaningful mementos of her son’s fleeting childhood and beautiful works of art.

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All images via Ana Rosenberg.

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