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Photographer Omar Z. Robles Chats About His Ballet Photography

Podcast with Dance Photographer Omar Z. Robles

For the past few years, photographer Omar Z. Robles has been making waves with his dance photography—specifically, his ability to merge classical dance with the urban environment has sparked an enormous following. Robles travels the world— from New York City to Hong Kong to Cuba to Melbourne—and works with local ballet dancers. Together, they set off into the streets, with Robles capturing their every movement as they show their skills in the middle of the city.

After covering his work for years, we were curious to learn more about what drives Robles. This week’s Top Artist Podcast takes an in-depth look at Robles’ career, from his beginnings in mime theater to his transition into photography. We also delve into his love of collaboration and learn about some of the most interesting reactions he’s encountered while on a photo shoot.

Robles will also talk us through some of his most memorable sets of photographs. This includes a moving visit to Puerto Rico several months after Hurricane Maria, as well as powerful images of dancers who bared it all on the rooftops of New York. Whether you are a fan of ballet or just simply appreciate good photography, you won’t want to miss this episode.

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Listen to our chat with Omar Z. Robles, whose photos of ballet dancers around the world celebrate the beauty of movement.


Male Ballet Dancer Jumping in the Streets by Omar Z. RoblesOmar Z. Robles: Website | Instagram | Blog | Facebook

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