Photographer Shares Photoshop Before and After of His Amazing Images

Images Before and After Photoshop

Photographer Kevin Carden transforms otherwise ordinary scenes of everyday life into extraordinary tales. Using his camera and his expert knowledge of Photoshop, he patches together different settings, textures, and compositional elements to create images that evoke feelings of wonder and strength. This speaks to the larger purpose of his work. Carden says his images are inspired by his Christian faith, and he produces these photographs based on the principles found in the Bible.

Carden is generous in sharing what he knows about Photoshop. On his popular Instagram account, he regularly posts his Photoshop before-and-after shots with captions detailing how he composed the image as well as a summary of the post-processing required to bring his idea to life. His website goes even more in-depth and offers full Photoshop tutorials for sale. Once you purchase a tutorial, you’ll also get the stock photography Carden used so that you can recreate the image for yourself.

Check out some of Carden’s amazing Photoshop before-and-after projects below, and then follow him on Instagram to see more of his incredible work.

Kevin Carden shares before and after Photoshop versions of his artistic images.

Digital Art by Kevin Carden

In each photograph, he takes otherwise ordinary scenes from everyday life and turns them into fantastical compositions that speak to his Christian faith.

Photoshop Before and After ImagesDigital Art by Kevin Carden


Photoshop Before and After ImagesDigital Art by Kevin CardenPhotoshop Before and After ImagesDigital Art by Kevin Carden

Kevin Carden: Website | Instagram | Facebook

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Kevin Carden.

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