Photorealistic Water Paintings Perfectly Portray People Submerged in Swimming Pools

Photorealistic Water Paintings Perfectly Portray Folks Submerged in Swimming Swimming pools

Water Paintings by Johannes Wessmark

&#8220Wet Hair 2&#8221

Of the a lot of subjects that an artist can paint, water is one particular of the most demanding. The liquid has a way of fracturing gentle and distorting just about anything submerged inside of it—especially men and women. This can make it difficult to correctly depict nearly anything in the h2o, but not for artist Johannes Wessmark. He’s a learn at painting people today floating in the drinking water. His sequence of photorealistic paintings showcase his topics hunting totally at ease in swimming pools as the dappled light-weight illuminates not only their bodies but also the swimming pools themselves.

When viewing just one of Wessmark’s pieces, you could assume you are seeking at a photograph. His perform is technically flawless. His paintings involve all of the details that you really do not believe about when seeking at another person underwater or who has damp hair, but the addition of Wessmark’s painted options is what tends to make each piece look so reasonable. One particular of the ideal examples of this is in Wet Hair 2. Many thanks to the highlighting, you get a feeling of the body weight of the hair pressed against the woman’s head.

Wessmark has experienced a unique curiosity in depicting h2o above his many years-prolonged profession as a imaginative. “It has been just one of my beloved topic matters for lots of a long time,” he tells My Modern-day Achieved. “When I commenced painting females it arrived really in a natural way to set them in drinking water. I really like each the natural beauty of the female type and the problem of portray relocating and reflecting drinking water. This has come to be extra or a lot less my signum even if I have painted a lot of other topic issues via my 30 years as a specialist artist.”

If you’d like to have one particular of Wessmark’s paintings as a high-top quality print, be certain to verify out his Inprnt store to see what is accessible.

Artist Johannes Wessmark generates photorealistic paintings of people today in pools.

Water Paintings by Johannes Wessmark

&#8220Wet Hair&#8221

Water Paintings by Johannes Wessmark

&#8220Azur Blue&#8221

Water Paintings by Johannes Wessmark


Water Paintings by Johannes Wessmark

&#8220Damp Lace&#8221

Water Paintings by Johannes Wessmark


Johannes Wessmark: Web site | Instagram | Fb | Inprnt

My Contemporary Satisfied granted permission to element pics by Johannes Wessmark.

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