Pianist Creates Composition to Accompany Neighbor’s Car Alarm


Tony Ann Plays the Piano

Everyone is acquainted with the blare of a persistent car or truck alarm . Commonly, when one particular goes off, folks will test their finest to dismiss the sound. One artist, even so, applied the inconvenient sounds as inspiration for tunes. Toronto-based pianist Tony Ann developed a composition aptly titled “My Neighbor’s Car or truck Alarm,” which levels piano over a loud honking in the length.

This whimsical effectiveness was recorded and uploaded to YouTube, in which Ann performs his keyboard exterior in front of nearby structures. After the vehicle horn blares a handful of periods, we see Ann’s palms choose off on the keyboard, traveling into a transportive composition that wholly modifications the knowledge of the unwelcome audio from before. He also provides multiple layers of piano to greatly enhance the depth of the piece.

Ann’s exceptional notion even impressed other artists. Fellow Toronto-based musician Deelen Bhatti arrived throughout “My Neighbor’s Vehicle Alarm” and decided to include his individual contribution to the composition as a result of his percussion devices. In his version, he performs his drum set about the light piano, fusing three rhythms—the vehicle alarm, Ann’s piano, and his drums—into a person wonderful soundtrack.

Scroll down to enjoy the full online video, and subscribe to Ann’s YouTube channel so you in no way pass up an update.

Toronto-primarily based pianist Tony Ann produced a composition to accompany his neighbor’s vehicle alarm.

Fellow musician Deelen Bhatti included his own spin to Ann’s composition by going around the piano with a layer of drums.

Tony Ann: YouTube | Instagram
Deelen Bhatti: YouTube | Instagram
h/t: [Laughing Squid]

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