Plant Parent With 300+ Plants Offers His Tips for Your Own Indoor Jungle

Cyril Sontillano Plant ParentCyril Sontillano Plant Parent

Do you fancy yourself as someone with a green thumb? If you take care of a few plants, you know how challenging they can be—each type of flora has a specific way that it likes to be cared for. Cyril Sontillano knows this all too well. While many people have a handful of indoor botanicals, this “Plant Daddy” has more than 200 different species of house plants. His entire collection includes over 300 indoor plants and 70 outdoor plants, and he adds to his family each week.

From tropical plants to cacti to ferns, Sontillano’s amazing space is an oasis of green. His lush interior has potted plants on the floors and walls, and there are leaves everywhere you turn. Some are small planters that are huddled together while others are giant statement-making species that Sontillano has spent years cultivating. Each has its place in his home.

The “indoor jungle” interior decor trend is tempting, but before you do that, Sontillano has some tips. “I would say that before you jump into caring for plants, there has to be a lot of things to consider,” he tells My Modern Met. “Your time, dedication to the hobby, your resources, and your willingness to enjoy the journey. It wouldn’t be all success, you will also encounter hardships such as your plants struggling during winter, pests, or your home isn’t just conducive for that plant to grow. You learn along the way and you just have to enjoy the process. It’s a fun hobby and it gives me a lot of joy and happiness.”

Becoming a plant parent has the same considerations as caring for any other living organism. “Plants are very responsive to care and even neglect,” he explains. “I personally make time to care for my plants because it is both my passion and hobby. It is so rewarding to see new growth and blooms in your plants, sort of equivalent to seeing your child walk for the first time or graduate from college. Such a bizarre comparison for others but that’s how I feel.”

Cyril Sontillano is a plant parent that has over 300 indoor plants and 70 outdoor plants.

Indoor PlantsIndoor PlantsIndoor PlantsIndoor Plants

There are plants everywhere you turn.

Cyril Sontillano Plant ParentIndoor PlantsCyril Sontillano Plant ParentCyril Sontillano Plant ParentIndoor PlantsCyril Sontillano Plant ParentIndoor PlantsIndoor PlantsCyril Sontillano Plant ParentCyril Sontillano Plant ParentCyril Sontillano Plant ParentCyril Sontillano: Instagram | Facebook | YouTube

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Cyril Sontillano.

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