Playful Pastry Chef Turns Ordinary Desserts Into Delightful Mini Scenes

Italian pastry chef Matteo Stucchi is proof that you should play with your food. Based in Monza, Italy, the 23-year-old creates delectable desserts and sugary-sweet treats with a twist—he adds comical, tiny toys to transform his homemade baked goods into inventive and imaginative miniature scenes.

Clearly concerned with both the aesthetics and the flavors of his creations, the fun-loving chef notes: “In a dessert, decoration is as important as the taste.” While his desserts are undoubtedly delicious, it is Stucchi’s silly scenes that steal the show—a compact construction crew uses a toy crane to dust tiramisu with cocoa, a pocket-sized priest officiates a wedding ceremony between an amorous pair of chocolate-covered strawberries, a little river-rafting crew navigates through oozing chocolate rapids, and a team of tiny maintenance men give a monster a manicure. Whether a sugar-coated depiction of everyday life, a tasty take on a formal affair, an appetizing action shot, or a unique spin on a holiday cookie, Stucchi has a perfect confectionery for every occasion.

Stucchi’s username, @idolcidigulliver, is an homage to Gulliver’s Travels, a satirical work of literature that inspires and influences his work. The pastry professional unveils a new cake-y creation every Tuesday and Friday on his Instagram, which serves as a delicious portfolio of his edible art. Buon appetito!

Matteo Stucchi: Instagram
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All images via Matteo Stucchi.

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