Polaroid’s First New Camera in a Decade is a Blast from the Past

polaroid originals onestep 2 new camera

Polaroid lovers rejoice! The company just announced the launch of its first instant camera in a decade, one that is a revamped version of the model that made the company famous almost 40 years ago. The OneStep 2 is an analog camera that will make its market debut along with a new film called i-Type.

Launched by the Impossible Project, which helped preserve Polaroid from extinction, it’s an exciting development for instant photography. After purchasing the Polaroid brand and intellectual property in May, the Impossible Project has made it clear they are looking to continue the legacy of the legendary company with this new release. The launch marks the debut not only of the camera, but Polaroid Originals, a new company that will house products reminiscent of Polaroid’s vintage heyday.

The OneStep 2 comes with a built in flash and timer, with a nod to technology via its USB charging. The camera is currently available for pre-order online at $99.99, and will hit stores on October 16, 2017. The spiritual successor of the original OneStep, it’s only fitting that the new Polaroid model is released during the 80th anniversary of the original company.

new polaroid camera onestep 2

“Every time you press the shutter thousands of chemical reactions ignite to create one real, unpolished, completely unique image,” Polaroid Originals writes. “That’s the beauty of Polaroid.”

And the sweeten the deal, Polaroid has launched a new film called i-Type. Coming in color, black and white, as well as special edition flavors, the “i” in i-Type film stands for “incredible.” The company promises that it offers the “dreamy aesthetic” that Polaroid is known for. The battery-free film costs $15.99 for a pack, which contains 8 pictures. But don’t worry, the OneStep 2 works with both 600 film and i-Type, leaving you to choose the aesthetic you prefer.

Polaroid is banking on its new film to help give it an edge over competitors like Fujifilm. “The film has a character to it that is really unique—it’s the thing that inspired Instagram filters, even going back to their old logo,” Oskar Smolokowski, CEO of Polaroid Originals, said. “It adds something to the photo, it’s not actually an accurate depiction of that moment; it’s a dream-like filter. It’s the original. It’s iconic.”

Polaroid Originals has just launched the first new Polaroid camera in a decade, the OneStep 2.

polaroid originals onestep 2 new camera

The new camera is a throw back to Polaroid’s vintage model—the OneStep—which was launched 40 years ago.

new polaroid camera onestep 2

The analog instant camera comes in white and graphite, with a high-quality lens and 60-day battery life.
new polaroid camera onestep 2

polaroid originals onestep 2 new camera

To go along with the launch, Polaroid Originals has also brought the new i-Type film to the market, with an 8-pack going for $15.99.

Polaroid Originals - Color i-Type Film

Color i-Type (Photo: Alexa Viscius)

Polaroid Originals - B&W i-Type Film

B&W i-Type (Photo: Susy Peddie)

Polaroid Originals: Website | FacebookInstagram
h/t: [Peta Pixel, Business Insider]

All images via Polaroid Originals.

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