Pregnant Golden Retriever Glows in Her Own Fabulous Maternity Photoshoot

In a world of social media sharing, professional photo shoots are becoming increasingly popular and prevalent. Though once reserved for picture-perfect wedding albums and baby scrapbooks, polished and skillfully-shot photographs now mark every milestone imaginable, spanning engagements, baby-gender-reveals, and—thanks to puppy-loving photographer Amy Rients—even expectant dogs!

Rients always had an interest in breeding LeeRoy, her golden retriever. When her matchmaking dog groomer—who also happens to be her best friend—met Chanel, another golden, she knew they would make perfect canine companions. The two dogs were introduced to one another and, recently, Chanel has given birth to a healthy litter of puppies.

Toward the end of Chanel’s pregnancy, Rients decided to celebrate the new pups’ upcoming arrival with something a little bit different: a maternity shoot.  In the comical series of photos, the parents-to-be happily frolic outside. Chanel dons a flower crown (it wouldn’t be a contemporary photo shoot without one!) and LeeRoy wears his finest blue bandana as they pose behind a chalkboard countdown that reads: “9 Days Until Puppies.” 

Now all we need is the inevitably adorable follow-up shoot! 

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All images via Rients Photography. 

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