Quirky Food Trend Serves Pizza Flavored Ice Cream on Top of a Hot Slice

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Pizza and ice cream are a powerful pair but rarely enjoyed at the same time. Thanks to a collaboration between a pizza place and ice cream shop, however, the two are no longer apart. In 2012, the Philadelphia-based ice cream shop called Little Baby’s Ice Cream welcomed its newest neighbor Pizza Brain in the only way it knew how—by creating a pizza flavored ice cream. Citing notes of tomato, basil, and oregano, it’s definitely an unconventional take on a sweet treat.

But, the pizza ice cream saga doesn’t stop there. Since then, the businesses have put their culinary heads together to produce a savory-sweet dish that can only be described as polarizing. In a love-it-or-hate-it move, they made the Frankford Ave. Taco which features a scoop of the Little Baby’s flavor atop a hot and cheesy slice from Pizza Brain. While that combination might make your stomach churn, this dish has been around for several years, with adventurous eaters posting pictures as they begin to indulge—and before the ice cream melts.

In Philadelphia, restaurants Little Baby’s Ice Cream and Pizza Brain collaborated on an unusual dish: a hot and cheesy slice of pizza with ice cream on top of it.

Pizza Ice Cream

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The dish—that you’ll either love or hate—has another unique characteristic: the scoop is pizza flavored ice cream.

Pizza Ice Cream

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After adventurous eaters snap the requisite Instagram photo, they’ve got to enjoy it before the ice cream melts!

Pizza With Ice Cream

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Little Baby’s Ice Cream: Website | Facebook | Instagram
Pizza Brain: Website | Instagram
h/t: [Laughing Squid]

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