Quirky Wes Anderson-Themed Airbnb Lets You Live Inside His Iconic Films

The worlds contained in Wes Anderson films are so delightfully peculiar that you can’t help but be charmed by their quirkiness. With gorgeous desaturated colors and a contemporary retro style, it makes us wish we could live in these fantastic locales, and we’re not alone; there’s a whole subreddit dedicated to finding Accidental Wes Anderson places in real life. While many search high and low, one unique Airbnb in Prince Edward, Ontario can help make our dreams a reality. Aptly called Mr. Anderson’s House, every room is modeled after one of the director’s iconic films.

The Airbnb host, Dayna, calls Mr. Anderson’s house a “love letter to him, and an ever-evolving design project.” At 100 years old, the abode has many nods to the fantastical movies, but it doesn’t go over the top with the decor. This makes it a fun stay, but livable for up to four guests.

Although subtle at times, there is plenty of tasteful memorabilia to excite Anderson fans. One room is dedicated to Margot Tenenbaum, and it has replicas that any fan of the film (The Royal Tenenbaums) will appreciate—including her fur coat. Likewise, the living room, called S.S. Belafonte (from The Life Aquatic), dons a nautical theme that’s complete with a painted portrait of Steve Zissou himself.

You can book Mr. Anderson’s House on Airbnb, but hurry—reservations are quickly filling up for the end of 2017!

If you love Wes Anderson style and films, then there is the perfect Airbnb for you.

Unique Airbnb
Wes Anderson Style Airbnb

This unique themed Airbnb is located in Prince Edward, Ontario.

Wes Anderson Style Airbnb
Wes Anderson Style Airbnb
Wes Anderson Style Airbnb

Calling the house a “love letter” to the director, each room is subtle nod to one of the films, like The Royal Tenenbaums and The Life Aquatic.

Unique Airbnb
Themed Airbnb
Unique Airbnb
Wes Anderson Style Airbnb
Unique Airbnb

Mr. Anderson’s House: Airbnb
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