Radiohead Opens the Digital Radiohead Public Library for Their Fans

Radiohead Public Library

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In the past, fans of Radiohead might’ve felt that the band’s website left much to be desired. The band itself even referred to the website as being “infuriatingly uninformative and unpredictable.” But not anymore! has been reimagined as the “Radiohead Public Library” where anyone can access an online archive of the band’s back catalog in one convenient place.

If you’re a fan of the iconic English group, you’re sure to appreciate the website update. Not only can you find links to stream their most popular tunes via Spotify and Apple Music, but you can also watch their music videos, live performances, and order previously out-of-print merchandise. The site is also great for discovering some of Radiohead’s lesser-known recordings. They list music predating their debut studio album Pablo Honey as well as their first EP called Drill. (At this time, you cannot stream the older, rarer music.)

Like any library, the Radiohead Public Library offers you the opportunity to be a card-carrying member of their “institution.” Simply click the ID icon at the top of the screen and it will generate a unique card number for you. Then, upload your picture, click download, and stick it in your wallet.

In the past, Radiohead fans might’ve felt like the band’s website left much to be desired. The iconic English group agreed.

Their redesigned website called the Radiohead Public Library puts their music, videos, and merchandise in one place.

Radiohead Public Library

Screenshot: Radiohead Public Library

And like other libraries, you can get your own Radiohead Public Library card.

Radiohead Public Library

Screenshot: Radiohead Public Library

Radiohead Public Library: Website
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