Realistic Paper Sculptures of Everyday Objects Transform the Mundane Into Works of Art

Tokyo-based artist Makiko Azakami intricately and skillfully crafts paper into realistic replicas of everyday objects.

Azakami’s 30-year penchant for paper began as a hobby, when she spontaneously yet skillfully cut and pasted the material into a miniature sculpture of Godzilla. Inspired by the “beguiling creature,” she produced more paper pieces, eventually turning the craft into a career.

Azakami implements only paper, tape, tweezers, scissors, and a knife to create the strikingly lifelike sculptures, which vary in size and span subject matter—from delicate jewelry to ordinary office supplies. Through careful cutting and meticulous handcrafting, Azakami breathes new life into humdrum objects and creates pieces that are deceptively fragile and extraordinarily detail-oriented.

HPGR Gallery in New York is currently showing I Tools, an exhibition of new works by the artist. 

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via [Adventures of Yoo]

All images via Makiko Azakami.

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