Scaley Paper Relief Sculptures are Cut From Just One Watercolor Sheet

Artist Lauren Collin reveals exquisite textures from flat sheets of paper. Using a scalpel with surgical blades, she carves watercolor paper into “bas-reliefs” that are a dazzling collection of bristling scales in a variety of shapes and sizes. The details of her work are incredible; Collin uses the thickness of the material to create layers of scales that result in a surprising amount of depth. Considering that even the heaviest weight paper is still just millimeters thick, the expanse that Collin is able to produce is nothing short of impressive.

Light is a key component in Collin’s paper relief sculptures. The light reveals her forms by placing the scales in shadow and, as a result, highlights the metamorphosis that has occurred on the paper. It also showcases another amazing fact—that nothing is glued on. Collin slices the entire design from a single sheet. “If one were to glue everything back together,” she says, “one would have one simple sheet of paper. The multiple cut-outs give an idea of profusion and seem to quiver when exposed to light.”

Check out Collin’s work in progress on her Instagram.

Artist Lauren Collin creates paper relief sculptures bristling with scales.

3D Paper Sculpture by Lauren Collin

The dazzling designs feature scales in all shapes and sizes that are all cut from a single sheet of watercolor paper.

Cut Paper Art by Lauren Collin3D Paper Sculpture3D Paper SculptureCut Paper Art by Lauren Collin3D Paper SculpturePaper Relief SculpturesPaper Relief Sculptures3D Paper Sculpture3D Paper SculpturePaper Relief SculpturesPaper Relief Sculptures3D Paper Sculpture3D Paper SculptureLauren Collin: Website | Instagram 

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Lauren Collin.

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