Seattle Animal Shelter Is Offering Free Adoption for All Black Cats on Black Friday

For many folks, Black Friday is an exciting day to shop till they drop. Seattle Humane animal shelter, however, is instead encouraging its locals to adopt rather than shop. On November 25, 2016, they’re offering free adoptions for black cats looking for their forever home.

The black cat has historically been associated as a symbol of bad luck, and it’s a myth that still persists today. According to a 2013 infographic in The Huffington Post, 13% of Americans “are superstitious about a black cat crossing their path,” coupled with over a quarter of respondents who said that color was “very important” when adopting a furry feline. This is evident to the Seattle Humane, who has also commented that black cats traditionally spend longer in the shelter—hence the reason for their aptly-timed promotion.

If you’re near Bellevue, Washington and want to spread the love this holiday, the shelter will be open from 11AM to 8PM on Friday. And who could resist—just look at how cute black cats are!

Above photo credit: Anastasia Leanca

Photo credit: Casey Elise

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Photo credit: Casey Elise

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Photo credit: Casey Elise

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