Secluded Bungalows Made Entirely of Glass Provide Scenic Views of New Zealand’s Countryside

In need of an off-the-grid getaway? Look no further than PurePods. These tiny and tranquil vacation homes are located in New Zealand’s idyllic countryside. Far from ordinary cabins, the beautiful bungalows are raised on stilts and made entirely of glass. This daring design provides picture-perfect panoramic views of the surrounding landscape, the open skies, and even the plants below.

Intended as an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, each humble hut is entirely isolated from the rest of the world—even reaching the rental requires a hike from the parking lot! The journey is outlined only by written instructions and serves as a meditative introduction to the local environment. Once the guests (maximum two-to-a-pod) find their new abode, they are welcomed with everything they need—and nothing they don’t. Amenities include a cozy bed, a fully-equipped kitchen (and even special delivery options if cooking is not on the agenda), a bathroom with a shower, and an emergency pack. WiFi and cellular reception are intentionally absent, as are television sets and even air conditioning; guests can instead beat the heat with retractable window blinds and ceiling shades.

On top of their sweeping views and sufficient amenities, PurePods are exceptionally environmentally-friendly: each bungalow provides fresh water from local sources and is powered and heated by solar energy and bio-fuels. The structures’ raised design also allows the flora below to bloom, imposing minimum destruction to local plant life.

Secluded, sheltered, and sustainable, PurePods are the perfect way to camp in comfort.

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All images via PurePods.

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