Self-Sustainable ‘Ecocapsule’ Pod is Now Available to Purchase in the US

For years, we’ve been excited about the Ecocapsule, a self-sustainable, solar-powered pod perfect for people who want to live off the grid. In 2018, we got to speak with CEO Tomáš Žáček about the future of the Ecocapsule, which, at the time, was only available in Europe. Now, after much anticipation, the miniature home has finally made its way to America, where it’s now available for purchase.

Though it measures just 88 square feet, the egg-shaped Ecocapsule packs a punch. Like many other microhomes, it features all of the amenities one or two people could possibly need, including a retractable double bed, a reclinable desk, a kitchenette, a shower, and a toilet.

What sets the Ecocapsule apart from similar models, however, is its sustainability. Powered by solar panels and equipped with a system that filters lake and rainwater, the unit is ideal for people who want to keep their adventures as eco-friendly as possible. Plus, with built-in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, the Ecocapsule will keep you comfy wherever your travels take you—including, at long last, sites across America.

To celebrate the Ecocapsule’s US launch, one of these tiny homes has touched down in Times Square. As a part of the NYCxDesign festival, this model will be on display until May 22. Whether you’re an interested buyer or simply an Ecocapsule enthusiast, this event is a great way to get up close and personal with the popular pod.

To celebrate the Ecocapsule’s US launch, one of the self-sustainable, solar-powered pods has popped up in New York City’s Times Square.

Now, you can see America in eco-friendly style.

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