Seller Tries to Scam Man into Buying a Rusty Japanese Knife, Man Restores It To Like New

Many people would look at a rusty kitchen knife and think that it’s doomed for the trash. But as Jun Yoshizuki of JunsKitchen shows, you can bring this tool back to life with some determined knife polishing. And not only that, but the oddly satisfying endeavor will produce a popular YouTube video. When Yoshizuki filmed the meticulous process,  it rocketed him to the site’s top spot with over seven million views (and counting).

Yoshizuki states that he originally bought the traditional Japanese knife for $3 from a man eager to get rid of it. However, that was probably ten times more than what it was worth. With the condition it was in, it seems like the seller got the better deal.

Resolved to “make that guy jealous and regret selling it to me for ONLY $3,” Yoshizuki began the restoration process. The first step was to remove the rust and grime that was coating the metal. Afterwards, the knife looked clean, but it was far from done. Using a sharpening stone, he got rid of the surface scratches and refined the blade. Once that was complete, the knife looked like new; it had a mirror-like finish and was extremely sharp. Yoshizuki then spent almost two minutes of the video showcasing the restored tool by slicing through a piece of paper and many vegetables with ease.

Check out the video below. Once you start watching, it’s easy to understand why it’s become so popular—and Yoshizuki’s cute cats certainly help.

When Jun Yoshizuki bought a rusty, dull knife for $3, its seller thought he made a great deal. Little did he know that Yoshizuki had a plan to make him “regret” selling it to him for so little.

Knife Polishing
Knife Polishing

Yoshizuki started by cleaning the rust and grime from the knife.

Knife Polishing
Knife Polishing

Although it looked clean, it still had surface scratches.

Knife Polishing

Yoshizuki then used a series of sharpening stones to remove the imperfections and refine the blade.

Knife Polishing
Knife Polishing
Knife Polishing

In the end, the knife polishing made it look like new!

Popular YouTube Video

Watch the popular YouTube video below:

Jun Yoshizuki: YouTube | Instagram
h/t: [Bored Panda]

All images via Jun Yoshizuki.

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