Solar-Powered Lily Flowers Illuminate Your Garden with Changing Colors

Lily Flower Solar Lights by Doingarte

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Have you ever wanted to create your own enchanted garden that’s fit for fairies? These lily flower solar lights are sure to bring an extra touch of magic to any outdoor space. Made to resemble a real flower, the pretty petals are made from fabric. No need to hide any external wiring either—just stick them in the ground and let the sun charge them during the day. Come nightfall, the integrated, color-changing LED lights will come on, allowing your garden to sparkle with illuminated color!

Each pack of two artificial flowers come in both purple and white. The built-in solar panels automatically charge the LED lights during the day, which will then turn on at night. When fully charged, the flowers will stay lit for a full eight hours, so you can keep your garden twinkling all night.

Wondering what existing customers think of these pretty solar lights? One reviewer on Amazon wrote, “These are so beautiful and I have never seen anything like them anywhere! I had no idea that the colors changed until I was watching them last night.” Another buyer wrote, “I love solar-powered lights especially those that can make my backyard feel more lively after sunset! These LED flowers did not disappoint me.”

You can find out more about these magical illuminators and buy your own lily flower solar lights on Amazon.

These pretty solar lights are made to look just like lily flowers.

Lily Flower Solar Lights by Doingarte

They feature color-changing LED lights, allowing your garden to sparkle with illuminated hues at night.

Lily Flower Solar Lights by DoingarteLily Flower Solar Lights by Doingarte

These beautiful blooms change colors and…

Lily Flower Solar Lights by Doingarte

…you don’t have to worry about any wires.

Lily Flower Solar Lights by Doingarte

Just stick them in the ground and let them charge up with the power of the sun.

Lily Flower Solar Lights by DoingarteDoingarte: Amazon
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All photos via Doingarte.

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