Spooky Phobia Art Visualizes Thalassophobia in Resin Sculptures

Phobia Art by Thalasso Hobbyer

Are you fearful of what lies in the depths of the ocean? If so, you are not on your own thalassophobia is the concern of deep bodies of h2o, and a lot of folks have it. Thinking about some of the alien-like fish that can be discovered there, it truly is a completely understandable phobia. Japanese artist Thalasso Hobbyer captures the essence of this fear—particularly, what can be so terrifying—in his ongoing sequence of sculptures that depict creatures in the ocean.

Making use of thalassophobia as inspiration, Hobbyer creates terrifying creatures that look as nevertheless they could be serious, if only they had been a minimal more substantial. Huge sharks bear their enamel and stalk unknowing swimmers although a scuba diver confronts a giant fish with equally frightening fangs. The horror of these pieces is convincing thanks to the awe-inspiring craftsmanship that Hobbyer places into every single piece. The resin water appears as though it is actually rippling whilst other environmental factors these kinds of as grass, trees, rocks, and wood are painted and sculpted in meticulous element. It all culminates in conveying a perception of suspense and a bit of intrigue.

Scroll down to see Hobbyer’s sculptures that will send out a chill down your backbone.

Japanese artist Thalasso Hobbyer results in awe-inspiring resin sculptures that capture the essence of thalassophobia: the worry of deep bodies of h2o.

Phobia Art by Thalasso HobbyerUnderwater Resin SculptureUnderwater Resin SculpturePhobia Art by Thalasso HobbyerPhobia Art by Thalasso HobbyerPhobia Art by Thalasso HobbyerPhobia Art by Thalasso HobbyerUnderwater Resin SculpturePhobia Art by Thalasso HobbyerPhobia Art by Thalasso HobbyerPhobia Art by Thalasso Hobbyer

Hobbyer shares a peek into his procedure on his YouTube channel:

Thalasso Hobbyer: Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

My Modern day Met granted permission to function photos by Thalasso Hobbyer.

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