#StayHome Movement Gains Steam Thanks to Doctors and Nurses

With over 200,000 confirmed cases in 169 countries, COVID-19 is transforming lives around the world and everyone is being asked to make sacrifices. And it’s safe to say no one is sacrificing more than the healthcare workers that are on the frontlines and working around the clock to save lives. Not only are they exposing themselves to illness and comforting patients in isolation, but they’re often being asked to make difficult decisions as beds and equipment run out. There’s no better face to promote why the world needs to #StayHome in this time of crisis.

Given the situation, medical personnel are now sharing their photographs in an effort to encourage more people to take the coronavirus seriously and take all necessary precautions to help flatten the curve. “We are currently facing the biggest public health crisis of our lifetimes,” shared Dr. Leana Wen, who is part of the Stay Home: Save Lives movement. “But we are not powerless against the virus: there are things we can do. If we don’t change our behavior now, the disease will spread faster and our healthcare system will be overwhelmed. That would cause a lot more harm and a lot more deaths.”

An overwhelmed healthcare system in any country doesn’t just mean that COVD-19 patients will have difficulty being treated, but that other patients needing lifesaving care—from cancer treatment to intensive neonatal care—will also feel the effects. By looking at the photographs of these healthcare workers and listening to their stories, they hope that they will encourage more people to practice social distancing and to stay at home unless absolutely necessary.

Healthcare workers around the world are posting photos to encourage the public to #StayHome

One nurse working on the frontline of the pandemic shared why it’s important to think of the greater good.

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