Stray Dog Boldly Crashes a Wedding, Finds a Forever Home with the Newlyweds

Every couple dreads a wedding crasher, but for newlyweds Matheus and Marília, a stranger at their recent nuptials turned out to be a welcome surprise. While these types of uninvited guests are almost always a weird uncle or an inconsiderate friend-of-a-friend, it was a stray dog that strolled into the middle of their ceremony while seeking shelter from the rain.

Matheus and Marília Pieroni said “I do” in São Paulo, Brazil. They had been hoping for an outdoor affair, but the storm that day made them resort to plan B—a large tent made cozy with soft lighting and good people. The couple and their guests weren’t the only ones trying to escape the foul weather, though. Even before the ceremony began, the stray maneuvered his move into the space where he was quickly shooed away. But the pup was extremely determined to be among the warmth and love—for a second and finally third time, he headed back into the event. On his last attempt, he made himself cozy on Marília’s long veil as they were reciting their vows.

While many brides might’ve been upset, Marília was delighted by this turn of events. “It was a very pleasant surprise for me, because I love animals,” she told The Dodo. “I liked it very much.” Eventually, with the rain subsiding, the stray dog ventured out of the reception and back to the streets.

The couple had wished that the pup had stuck around—they wanted to rescue him. Unfortunately, with his whereabouts unknown, the chances of ever finding him again seemed slim. But as fate would have it, Matheus and Marília were able to track him down. They eventually made contact with the canine, who’ve they named Snoop. “He came home, and I showered him,” Marília recalled. “He played a lot, ate, drank water. He is very happy and slept super good the first night.” Their fairy tale wedding—captured in gorgeous shots by photographer Felipe Paludetto—now has a storybook ending.

Couples dread wedding crashers, but in the case of Matheus and Marília Pieroni, they ended up with a new family member!

While the couple was reciting vows, a stray dog cozied up on Marília’s veil.

The good-natured couple loves animals, so they let him stay.

They enjoyed part of the reception with the dog, who eventually left the celebration.

The couple wish he hadn’t left, though—they wanted to adopt him!

After weeks of searching, the couple reunited with the precious pup.

Stray Dog Wedding Crasher

Photo: Marília Pieroni

Stray Dog Wedding Crasher

Photo: Marília Pieroni

Stray Dog Wedding Crasher

Photo: Marília Pieroni

Stray Dog Wedding Crasher

Photo: Marília Pieroni

Now, they’re a happy family of three!

Stray Dog Wedding Crasher

Photo: Marília Pieroni

h/t: [The Dodo, Bored Panda]

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